Fav Beauty Products for Spring

Lately we haven’t been able to stop dreaming of retiring our winter coats, packing up our boots and forgetting we even owned mittens. However, since it’s still a little too early to break out our favorite springtime attire, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spring time beauty picks to get you prepped for warmer weather, add a splash of color to your beauty routine and to get pumped for the sunny days ahead!

unnamed-9Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

It’s no secret that when you wear lipstick people will stare. So my motto come spring time is to give them something to talk about: purple lipstick. Not dark like Lorde’s signature lip – more colorful and peppy for spring! I’ve been using this Revlon lip crayon in the Shameless shade to punch up a relaxed leggings and tunic day or to add some playful vibes to a dressier outfit. Whatever you wear it with my tip is this: own it! Because purple lips look so chic and different, you have to rock it without a worry in the world.

unnamed-10Dior Gel Coat

I’m a 22-year old that has yet to outgrow picking her nails. It’s like a nervous tick that I can’t resist and so devastating when I pick them but I keep doing it! Ugh. Anyway, it’s very hard to talk myself into a manicure because I know I’ll most likely ruin it yet I still want in on the gel coat bandwagon – who doesn’t want their mani to last 7 days without chipping? Enter: Dior gel coat nail polish. It makes any regular nail polish look and feel like a gel mani by simply swiping some over your last layer of color. It’s perfection, a little on the pricey side, but worth it if you want the gel mani look without the even heftier price tag of getting them regularly.

unnamed-8Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal – in my world, that also means revamping – especially when it comes to your eyes. What’s that saying, the eyes are the windows to the soul? And nothing says your soul rivals Beyonce’s than a good cat eye. Alas, the need for an eye liner that will stay with me from 6 am when I leave for yoga to 10 pm when I come back from my last meeting. Kat Von D’s tattoo liner drew me in with the premise of staying on all day without smearing and it was on point! I am so in love with this liner, I probably won’t stray from it again. Highly recommend, whether you’re a beginner or pro, to snag this liner if you’re determined to master the cat eye.

unnamed-7Yes to Cucumbers: Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes

Anyone who’s spent an hour with me knows my addiction to these bad boys. Not only are they refreshing on a hot (or cold) day, but they brighten your skin and help clear your pores, taking my war on acne to a whole new level. “Do you want a cucumber wipe?” has become a signature question of mine (even my guy friends Alex and Ty loved them while we were traversing the streets of NYC!) because nothing beats a mid-afternoon slump (especially when your diet clearly says sugar is a no go) than cucumber wipe. The under $10 price tag helps too; I typically pick up a package or two at Target and carry one in my bag with me at all times. When in doubt, use cucumber wipes to help springtime hold your best naturally glowing skin yet!

unnamed-4Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask

Kel and I discovered the gem that is paper face masks this past Christmas and have been crazy for them ever sense! These masks are perfect to throw on while you catch up on an episode of your latest Netflix series (we are currently obsessed with Scandal). All you have to do is rub in the excess when time is up and go on with your day! We initially tried the Dr. Jart pore minimalist for the sole reason that it was black. We always joke that we have black souls so it seemed completely necessary to make our skin care black as well. What we didn’t expect was for this mask to change our lives… Ok, that may be a little dramatic, but they really are amazing. This is the only product claiming to disappear your pores we have tried that actually made them disappear! Give one of these masks a try and prepare to be running around shouting “my pores are gone!” because that’s what we both did!

unnamedFekkai Smooth Hiar Frizz Control Polish

I picked this up during one of my trips to TJMaxx, the dry winter air was taking a toll on my hair and I was desperate for a fix. I typically avoid oil-based products like the plague because I have fine hair and they always make my hair look greasy, but something about this (probably the packaging) made me give it a try. I was thrilled with the effects this had on my hair. It completely tamed my dry frizzy ends and made it silky soft without looking greasy! I use this serum everyday now; it is perfect to tame hair post blow-drying or to just give your hair a mid-day pick-me-up.

unnamed-2unnamed-3Alaffia African Black Soap

With warmer weather comes shorter dresses and bare legs. For my fellow ladies who like to think of their legs as a way to lure the boys in, I share with you- a gold mine. This all natural body wash is by far the best shaving cream on the planet. The process of making this soap takes more than three weeks and is pure goodness because of it. I promise this body wash will leave your legs with a crazy close shave and feeling softer and more moisturized than ever.

unnamed-5The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Cream

To follow up with from the body wash is my favorite body cream. I will admit to choosing this solely because of the mermaid-esque packaging, but the lotion really does live up to its label! Being made with natural ingredients and seaweed from Maine, who wouldn’t want to lather this all over freshly shaven legs? Not to mention it comes in lavender and is perfect to calm me down right before bed. This body lotion is perfect to lock in moisture for beautiful, spring ready skin.

What are your favorite beauty products for spring? Tried any of our faves and loved them? Let us know!

unnamed-6Xx Mal & Kel

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, we are suckers for packaging and have to share our latest swoon worthy wrapping. Kel refreshed the MAC Cinderella page constantly until the dreamy products went on sale and managed to snag two “Free as a Butterfly” lipsticks just before they sold out! It is safe to say this is our new favorite tube of lipstick and that Kel wins BFF of the month. 🙂

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