Brand in Review – Pixi

unnamed-9My first exposure to the Pixi beauty products was through my IPSY glam bag. I hate to say it, but I never really gave them a chance because of the packaging. Terrible I know, but pale green and bronze do not go together and I just couldn’t get past it. This weekend I decided to take a long over due journey to the nearest Target (over an hour away), where I saw a huge Pixi display. It had been a few months since my last trip to Target so this was big news to me, and blinded by pure bliss of actually being in Target, I decided to pick up a few products and give them a try.  unnamed-2unnamed-6Flawless Beauty Primer Price: $22 Repurchase? No Review: I’m not a huge primer user, but this definitely isn’t one I would recommend. It leaves the skin a little sticky and prevents powder from going on smoothly. It also does a poor job of blurring pores. The actual color of the primer is strange at first, an orangey pink that seems like a bad idea to put anywhere near your skin, but after rubbing it in it has a really pretty illumination effect. The primer would be a good buy for those with near perfect skin that just needs a little something extra unnamed-7Beauty Bronzer- Subtly Suntouched Price: $18 Repurchase? Yes Review: When I got this bronzer I was still living in the world where bronzer=contour and it failed miserably, ending up in my shoebox full of subscription box sample disasters. When I got the idea for this post I went digging into that shoebox and gave it another try. More educated this time around, I really liked this bronzer. The name is spot on because it is very subtle; it is perfect for a warm glow even when you are deep into winter’s paleness. The powder is really soft and the pigment is very forgiving. unnamed-5Lash Booster Mascara Price: $15 Repurchase? Definitely Review: I am a mascara-holic. At any given time I have at least five different mascaras in my makeup drawer and have a serious mental battle every morning to choose which one to use. I choose this mascara over the other Pixi mascara, Large Lash, because I wanted a smaller wand to focus more on individual lashes. This, however, is not what I got. This mascara just became my new go-to. It gives lashes crazy length AND volume all while not clumping… Didn’t think that was possible! This mascara is foolproof, but don think you can take it off with a makeup wipe, heavy duty/waterproof makeup remover is very necessary! unnamed-10 Mesmerizing Mineral Palette- Silver Sky Price: $12 Repurchase? Yes unnamed-4Review: Ever since I spent the day shopping with my red haired aunt, who wouldn’t even consider trying anything on that didn’t match her fiery locks, I have felt the need to match everything to my eye color. Having green eyes, this has limited me extremely. Gone are the dreams of bright accents like teal or a smoldering smoky eye in navy. I have spent my entire unnamed-3makeup life limiting myself to neutrals and the occasional jewel tone. This was a daring purchase for me because navy definitely does not qualify for the “made for green eyes club,” but wanting to try something new I bought it anyway- and I am so happy I did! All the colors in this palate are gorgeous, and the pigment isn’t super strong so mistakes are easily fixed. I would definitely recommend using and eye primer or else you will have a really hard time getting the shadow very dark. unnamed-11 Ordered from top to bottom: Left eye is using 2, 3, and 4. Right eye is using 1, 5, and 6, what do you think, can I pull off navy? unnamed-1Tinted Brilliance Balm- Unique Pink Price: $14 Repurchase? Yes unnamedReview: I loooove this lip product. It is made to react to the pH of your lips and give you a personalized shade of pink, how fun! I typically choose shades with purple undertones over pink so it was weird for me to like this so much. This balm gave me a really charming light shade that could be worn with absolutely anything. It is also very hydrating and has a minty touch that leaves your lips with a slight tingle. I would definitely recommend this product, even to non-lipstick people! Over all I really like the Pixi products… minus the packaging! These no-fuss colors and formulas mixed with botanicals like Vitamin E make any of the Pixi items a no brainer. Quick someone take my wallet before I order any more online! I am already eyeing their Glow Mist and Fairy Dust shadows… Xx Mal

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