Best Sites to Sell Back Your Closet

Knock on wood – spring is finally here! Almost cried tears of joy when I saw this weeks weather forecast when I woke up – I’ve never been more excited to not have to wear tights in my life. With this revelation comes a new dilemma in my closet: so many long sleeves, sweaters and ALL BLACK. Where did the color go? Why is everything so thick and made of wool? With these questions, I know it’s time to clean house and revamp for spring. For any of you that know the size of my closet, this is a serious undertaking. However, I’ve developed some key methods to clean out my closet and make some serious cash back in return. Read on to see how to get the most bang for your buck by selling your unwanted clothes!

LikeTwiceLikeTwice (

Pros: Links directly to paypal to pay you, prices are fair, instructions on brands they buy is clear, mail an empty bag to fill right to you

Cons: Limited brand base (if it’s not on the list they won’t take it), it’s a hassle to get anything they don’t take returned (although it goes to charity!)

Recommendations: LikeTwice is great if you’re crunched on time/don’t care enough to post everything individually. They will mail you a bag (or you can use your own packaging) to put your clothes, shoes, handbags in and you just have to drop it in the mail – they pay for postage and everything! It’s seriously that easy and if you stick to the list of brands they accept, they’ll take things that are over two years old (unlike Plato’s Closet) if they’re in good condition. Average clothing bags will get you $55-$80 in return.

PoshmarkPoshmark (

Pros: So easy to create a listing, manage everything on your phone through the app, great community members and unique concept that differentiates itself from other similar platforms

Cons: You might buy more than you sell (I’m obsessed), items could take longer to sell if you’re looking for some quick cash

Recommendations: Poshmark is by far my favorite platform to use when selling clothes. I just upload a picture from my phone with a brief description (literally a sentence) and I’m good to go. People can negotiate prices and all the users I’ve interacted with are incredibly friendly and on top of it when it comes to shipping items to you. Poshmark even sends you a shipping label when you sell an item. Seriously can’t stress enough how vital this app is to my spring cleaning process (and shopping for items to add!). Be sure to add me (@keltaf) if you join!

TheRealRealTheRealReal (

Pros: High quality service, super easy to send items, guaranteed authenticity of every item

Cons: Can take awhile to sell your item, can be sold as a sale item (make less than you originally thought)

Recommendations: I’ve loved using this site; it’s incredibly easy like just for higher end brands. Very straightforward and easy to use – I’ve only used this less because I haven’t needed to get rid of my higher brand quality items. Be sure to sign up when they’re offering some sort of credit incentive, I got a really expensive DVF clutch for $5 because of a $100 credit promotion they were offering. CRAZY!

Platos ClosetPlato’s Closet (check out their website to find the closest store to you!)

Pros: Quick money, you get everything back that they don’t take, straight cash

Cons: The wait can get crazy long, employees don’t often recognize a high end brand when they see it, not your favorite way to spend an afternoon -> standing in the store waiting for them to go through your clothes

Recommendations: If you happen to wear pants (unlike me), Plato’s is your first place to sell jeans because you don’t risk buyers wanting to return them because they don’t fit. Plato’s surprisingly offers decent cash for jeans – however they’re super weirdly picky about everything else and what they’ll take often varies day to day. If they don’t take some things the first round, throw them in the dryer again and add some new items and be surprised to see how much they take the second time. Also – Monday-Wednesday is when they’ll buy the most. It’s slower than weekends too so you don’t have to wait as long to get your stuff back.

EbayEbay (

Pros: You’ll reach the most sellers on Ebay – other places like Poshmark and LikeTwice have users from a more narrower (and younger) demographic than Ebay.

Cons: Postings/shipping…pretty much everything is much more of a hassle, so make sure it’s an item that maybe you didn’t sell on Poshmark after two weeks and that’s worth the time you’ll put into it to sell it on Ebay.

Recommendations: Make sure it’s an item that’s worth the time you’ll put into it to sell it on Ebay and that maybe you didn’t sell on Poshmark after two weeks. Last ditch effort should be at Ebay and then meander over to Plato’s Closet and cut your losses.

I hope this was helpful during your spring cleaning process! Ever used any of these before and have any recommendations or further comments?

Xx Kel

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