Knotted Ponytail Tutorial

I have a love hate relationship with hair. I love it because having a good hair day can give you newfound confidence and make you feel beautiful, but having a bad hair day can drive a girl crazy… like spending an hour trying to get the perfect side swept bang only to end up throwing it in a messy bun. With my current schedule I am running from class to practice all throughout the day, so I need a hairstyle that can go from the gym to class in minimal time. This has brought me to master the elegant ponytail. Here is a super easy tutorial that will leave your friends drooling over your red carpet worthy ponytail.

Give your hair a quick curl with a medium size curling iron (1’-1 ¼ “). Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect because it is going in a ponytail!


  1. Split your hair front and back using your ear as a reference to draw the line. Do some teasing at your crown and put the back section in a tight ponytail.
  2. Take the front sections of hair and give them a good tease about half way down and to the end. This is really important because if you leave the hair soft and silky it is going to fall out right away. Don’t be afraid, when it comes to ponytails- the messier the better!
  3. Pulling the two strands back, simply tie them in a knot just as you would to tie your shoes.
  4. Use bobby pins to secure the ends down. I like to wrap them around a little further (right under the hair tie) to prevent the strands from awkwardly sticking out.
  5. This last step is what many people don’t know about- get messy. Go after your ponytail with a teasing comb and hairspray to give it volume and lightly pull at the knot to loosen it up. It sounds crazy I know- you just spent all this time trying to get an elegant ponytail and now I’m telling you to practically destroy it, but you will love it!

Hair productsHere are the tools I used. I love this John Frieda Luxurious Volume hairspray, it is really light (doesn’t leave your hair crunchy) and helps separate curls, perfect for this pony! Some troubleshooting tips- use some heavy-duty bobby pins (not the Conair ones from target and such), my favorite ones are from Sally Beauty Supply. If you have never used strong bobby pins before, prepare to feel like you have just discovered gold because they make a huge difference! Using a comb designed for teasing (the pink one above) instead of a flat comb (the orange one above) will help make your tease bigger, more even, and stay longer. Lastly, it is always better to do these types of hairstyles with dirty hair. Any extra bit of grit in you hair will help it stay; try using a dry shampoo to not only cover up any grease, but add texture and volume as well.

Let me know how this tutorial works for you! I’ve been forever experimenting to master the perfect Serena Van Der Woodsen-eque ponytail.

Xx Mal

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